~*Thank You*~


There are so many people and businesses who have made this project possible through their help and generosity, to whom we wish to express our gratitude and thanks.

Property Plus - for their help and advice when purchasing The Savoy.

Dennis and Carol Lloyd - for selling The Savoy to us, and for their ongoing support for the project.

Avril Richards - for the kind donation that enabled us to purchase all the decorating supplies to redecorate the theatre.

Lynn Ashraf - for the generous donation.

Greensward Academy - for the many donations of IT, computer equipment and cabling.

Belfairs Academy - for the donation of various equipment.

The New Theatre - for the donation of some stage blacks.

Fisher Lighting - for the many donations of equipment, both now and in the past.

Hannah Campagna - for sourcing donations of equipment, and her ongoing support and professional knowledge.

Welsh Hearts - for the donation of our house tabs.

Tonyrefail Community Council - for a donation to enable us to purchase the hanging equipment for the house tabs.

Town and Country Fencing - for the continuous donations of scrap pallets and old fencing for our woodburner!

Peter's Pies - for a generous donation of funds to enable us to get the building of our dressing rooms well underway.

Greenstream Flooring - for the donation of carpet tiles for our dressing room.

Thomas Coaches Mid Rhondda Band - for the permanent loan of stackable chairs.

The Bridal Boutique - for the donation of unwanted wedding attire for costumes.

Mathew Williams (Crispy Cod) - for the donation of nails, wall and floor tiles.

Jo Caddy - for the donation of a toilet and sink for backstage.

Shawn Stevens - for the loan of a scaffold tower and other tools.

Jill and Bryan Woods - for the donation of tools and equipment, and ongoing support.

New Life Church - for the generous donation.

St. David's Church - for the hosting of a fundraising concert.

The local businesses in Tonyrefail - for their displaying of our posters and flyers.

Gareth Rosser - for the hosting and assistance with this website.

Jag Saracen - for the donation of windows for the dressing rooms.

The Windmill Trust - for a grant to enable us to purchase additional fire extinguishers and signage.

Our families and friends (both here and back in Essex) - for their belief in us and their ongoing help and support.

This page is a work in progress, so more names/organisations will continue to be added.
We apologise if we have accidentally omitted anyone at this time!


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