~*Technical Specifications*~


Room 1 - 8ft x 8ft (2.4m x 2.4m)

Room 2 - 16ft x 12ft (5.2m x 4.2m)

1x toilet with sink.

All dressing rooms have visual and audio show relay.


Width pros to pros: 27ft (8.27m).

Depth back wall to front of stage:  25ft (7.6m).

Depth back wall to front of stage (if orchestra area in use): 20ft (6.2m).

Pros height: 15ft 5in (4.7m).

Height to grid from stage: 16ft (4.87m).

Stage height from auditorium floor: 3ft 2in (1m).

Surface: MDF painted black. Flat (no rake).

View stage plan: Savoy Theatre Stage Plan



Down stage PS.

Visual show relay, CCTV display, comms control (2 channels), cue light control, clock, show timer, calls to dressing rooms.


There is no counterweight flying system and no height above the grid to enable scenery to be flown.

Scenery can be hung/suspended from the grid, weight permitting. Grid height 16ft.


Loading:- Via our yard and fire exit, prompt side.

Width:- 4ft 8in (1.47m).

Height:- 6ft 8in (2.1m).

Step height 3in (0.07m).


The theatre does have an orchestra pit area, however stage depth will be reduced by 5ft (1.5m).

Pit depth:- 5ft (1.5m).

Pit length:- 22ft (6.7m).

Pit rail height:- 3ft 6in (1.06m).

Mic inputs (10), foldback outputs (2), camera input,
video input/output, cue lights and comms.


Total seating capacity – 207.

Stalls - 154 (raked)

Circle - 53 (tiered)

Ceiling height - 19ft (5.8m).

Width wall to wall - 46ft 7in (14.2m).


Desk 1: Custom built, 256 channel, 256 memory,
16 sub groups of 8 pages.

Desk 2: MA Scancommander (to run intelligents).

FOH circle: 18 circuits (12 dimmable, 6 non-dim).

FOH aud: 24 circuits (18 dimmable, 4 non-dim, 2 reserved).

FOH apron (adv bar): 18 circuits (14 dimmable, 4 reserved).

Side stage slots: 8 circuits (4 each side, dimmable).

Stage bar 1: 16 circuits (12 dimmable, 4 non-dim).

Stage bar 2: 24 circuits (20 dimmable, 4 non-dim).

Stage bar 3: 20 circuits (18 dimmable, 2 non-dim).

Available dimmers: 102. (96 patchable, 6 hard-wired).


Lighting:- max 80 amps per phase (incl aux).

Aux:- 32 amps single phase (PS stage wall).

13 amp sockets PS and OP wall

Please note: The lighting power consumption is
monitored, and will shut down in 60 secs if overloaded.

View rig plan: Savoy Theatre Rig Plan
Strobe, tubular ripple, water, flame, clouds, smoke, UV, pyrotechnics, mirror balls x 2, hazer.
(intelligent lighting)
4x ITM mirror scans (5 colours and 5 gobos), 4x Wash250 moving heads.
Many different styles available. Contact theatre for a full list.

2x 1kW followspots, with colour magazines.

2x video lines.

Comms and cue lights.


Desk:- Mackie 40 into 8 into 3, with 4 effects mixes and
4 monitor mixes. (Cannot be moved from control room)

FOH output: 2.6kw (tri-amped).

Monitor output: 4x 100 watt.

Lines to stage (PS): 24 balanced mic inputs.

Lines to pit: 10 balanced mic inputs.

Lines to stage (OP): 12 balanced mic inputs

Lines to stage (grid) 2 balanced mic inputs.

Lines to rear auditorium: 2x balanced mic inputs


4x minidisc players

2x CD players.

1x DAT Recorder/player

1x compact flash card recorder/player.

1x Revox B77 (7 ½, 15 ½ ips).

PC for playing MIDI files (many backing tracks available)

1x Roland sound canvas (for MIDI file playback).


1x TC Electronic D2 multi-tap rhythm delay.

1x TC Electronic M1 dual effects processor.

1x Voiceprism Plus vocal pitch processor.

1x Aphex Aural Exciter.

1x Midiverb reverb unit.

Various sound effects CDs.


9x Shure SM58, 5x Shure 545, 3x Shure SM57,

1x EV RE20, 2x AKG 451(CK8), 1x Shure condenser,

2x C-DUCER piano mics, 3x PZMs, 1x AKG 417

8x Trantec radio mics (8 lapel/4 hand held mics)


(Direct-Inject Boxes). For connecting electric musical
instruments/amplifiers directly into the PA system.

5x passive, 1x active, 1x 4-way active rack.


Steel deck rostra:- 7 pieces (8ft x 4ft).

Heights of rostra:- 6in, 18in, 1ft, 2ft, 3ft, 4ft.

Scenery and props:- (contact theatre).

Various cloths:- (contact theatre).

Scaffolding and fittings:- (contact theatre).


Roland electric stage piano.

1 x RAT lit music stand, plus various others (not lit).


1x Sanyo PLC-EF10 video projector (on circle front).

1x Sanyo PLC-18 video projector.

1x VHS video recorder/player

1x DVD player.

1x DV player/recorder.

1x HDD player/recorder.

1x PC (windows 7 based) for AV use.

1x SE800 video mixer with effects.

All video lines are fully patchable.

There is one camera position at the rear centre of the

The following tie-lines are available at this position:
2x balanced mic inputs, 2x balanced line outputs, 2x unbalanced line outputs, 2x video, 1x SVGA input, comms and cue lights.

CCTV security system throughout the building, recorded 24 hours a day.

The theatre is constantly upgrading and adding equipment as the project progresses. We will endeavour to add the changes to this list as often as we can.



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