In memory of
~*Minnie Moglet*~
(Theatre Cat)

~*27th March 2008 (?) - 15th May 2018*~


Job Title:
Theatre Cat

Mins, Min-Mog, Moglet-Boglet, Min, Minnie-Mog, Minnie the Moglet, Stinky

10 (ish!)

Exploring, making sure the bed is comfortable, chief tuna-eater, chief spider exterminator!

Significant Others:
Dan, Hayley, Julie, Jackie, The Savoy Theatre, my food bowl, my other food bowl, tuna, the Whiskas treats, my cuddly mouse, my blue ball!

Eat. Sleep. Poo. Yawn. Eat. Yawn. Sleep. A little exploring. Eat. Poo. Sleep. Get cuddled. Eat. Explore. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Poo. Scavenge for food (in the food waste bin if it isn't locked). (repeat daily)!

Favourite Food:
Tuna, Whiskas treats, big crunchy spiders that I find around the theatre!

Favourite Sayings:
"Miaow" - feed me
"Miaow" - open the door

"Miaow miaow" - bye-bye
"Miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow" (repeat again and again...) - you have opened a tin of tuna! Give me some now!

Favourite TV Programme, Film, and DVD:

Cat food adverts! Wildlife programmes, in particular the ones featuring birds or fish.

Favourite Music:
Hayley's ringtone! Whistling!

Things I Hate:
Not having any tuna. Loud noises. Being kicked off the sofa and bed. Not being cuddled. Being picked up when I'm trying to sleep. Being stroked when I'm trying to sleep. Not having any attention because Dan and Hayley are busy working. Hair rollers (I just have to see one and I hide, don't ask me why). People I don't know. Small children. Most other cats. A locked food waste bin.

Best Moment When Building the Theatre:

Curling up in front of the woodburner for the first time.

Worst Moment When Building the Theatre:
Curling up on one of the newly installed theatre seats and not realising that they tip up! I slid down the back, my pride hurt. I don't think anyone noticed.....

My Heroes:

My family! Whoever gives me tuna or treats, or just food in general!




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