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14th May 2021

Savoy Update May 2021

Hi everyone, we hope you’re all doing okay and are staying safe, well, and reasonably sane! We are, and are continuing to keep
busy here at the theatre.

Speaking of which, we thought it was time for an update, given the fact that many places will soon be given the green light to reopen again.
Unfortunately we will not be one of those businesses
reopening at the moment.

Fear not, we will as soon as we can, but there are several reasons for our continued closure: The first is that we want to wait until we (and all our volunteers) have had the two shots of the vaccine.

The second reason is we want to wait a while to see what happens with case numbers etc once the country starts reopening more of society (and other venues). Being a much smaller venue ourselves, there is a far greater risk involved in reopening too quickly. If we go too early and case numbers rise or there is an outbreak, we would have to close again overnight. The health risk to everyone is simply too great at the moment, and reopening and closing suddenly could be extremely damaging for the theatre financially, as well as emotionally for all those involved.

The third reason is practicality and viability. Having read the latest required government regulations and law for performing arts venues to reopen in Wales, it is simply not practical or viable for us to reopen yet. Some things we can do without issue (sanitisers, signage etc), others we cannot. An example of one of the many things is ensuring the 2m social distancing rules throughout the building. We simply are not big enough as a venue to be able to do this unless we only allow a handful of people inside (not including staff, 3 in the foyer (front of house), 4 backstage (dressing rooms), 9 on stage (stationary)/or 4 on stage (moving), and a maximum audience capacity of 20 (individuals)). This as you can see, wouldn’t be viable for our clients or us.
Another example is that we do not have the required mechanical ventilation system that is needed, and therefore would be required to 'open all doors and windows' during a performance. For obvious reasons, this is impractical too!

It’s unfortunate, however we are still here, and will be for as long as we can. We’re not giving up yet! We will hang on in there, and hopefully there will be a change in rules in our favour soon. For now though, we hope to reopen September at the earliest, but this will be very much dependant on rules and what the virus does.

In the meantime, we’re keeping positive and hope to see you all soon.

Thank you for your patience and continued support. Keep safe.

Hayley and Dan.


We have rescheduled (where possible) many of the shows that were due to be staged here last year, and will announce the new dates as soon as we are sure they can definitely go ahead.

You can find information on pre-bought tickets HERE.

20th July 2020


Hi everyone, Dan and Hayley here.

We hope you are all keeping safe and well. We are fine, and are still keeping busy here at The Savoy.

We have also been thinking long and hard about how to open our doors when the time comes.
Unfortunately, looking at the latest government guidelines, reopening with social distancing in place is something we cannot do due to our layout and limited foyer and backstage areas. Additionally, having minimum or heavily restricted audience numbers would not be financially viable for ourselves or the companies that hire us. Not only that, the atmosphere would probably be a bit flat too!

Please don’t worry though, we will be back, but not until April 2021 at the earliest. This will hopefully get the flu season (and also a possible second wave of the virus) out the way, it’ll be a lot safer, and hopefully the social distancing guidelines will have relaxed more by then also!

We have rescheduled (where possible) many of the shows that were due to be staged here this year, and will announce the new dates as soon as we are sure they can definitely go ahead.

You can find information on pre-bought tickets HERE.

In the meantime, we will continue the maintenance and improvement works, and simply ride it out!

Please continue to stay well and safe, and thank you for your continued patience, understanding, and support during these crazy times.
See you soon.

Dan and Hayley.

17th March 2020


Following the latest government guidelines, and after liaising with clients, it is with a very heavy heart that we have decided to postpone all upcoming shows, performances, and rehearsals until further notice.

We will continue to liaise with our clients for new dates (wherever possible) once everything has calmed down and we all have more information on how long this will last.

For patrons who have already purchased tickets, once we have new dates for the performance, we will be in touch to see whether you would like your tickets transferred to the new date or whether you would like a full refund if the new date isn’t convenient.

Please everyone stay safe and well, and we will see you soon.

Hayley and Daniel.

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