~*Jackie Rosser*~
Contact: jackie@savoytheatre.net


Job Title:

Props and Costume Manager/Technical Assistant/Everything!

Mother, JR, Jack, Jax

Old enough to know better!

Opening windows, hider and then finder of tools and equipment, shopping, chauffeur, under-stage crawling, plastering, painting, sweeping up, refuse disposal, cementing, general dogsbody, prop-making, costume collector, Agony Aunt, filling in of holes that Dan has made for cables, anything that needs doing!

Significant Others:
Husband Ray, Sons Gareth and Iain, Daughter-in-Law Sian, Grandsons Ben and Tomi, Dell the dog.

Theatre, DIY, photography, internet, reading, scrapbooking, card making, prop-making, charity shopping, car boot sales etc

Favourite Food:
Chinese, Indian, pasta, curries

Favourite Sayings:
"No worries."

Favourite TV Programme, Film, and DVD:

Documentaries, the BBC News, Pointless, The Taking of Pelham 123, Das Boat

Favourite Music:
Scottish Anthem, Jazz, Chris de Burgh, Big Band, anything really!

Things I Hate:
Spitting, litter, mobile phones, bad manners, food waste, rudeness, temper tantrums!

Best Moment When Building the Theatre:

The fifteen minutes following the test show back in April 2015. Everyone was on a total high, and the atmosphere was brilliant!

Worst Moment When Building the Theatre:
Cleaning the stick off of the vinyl dancefloor before installing it!

My Heroes:

British Forces, Rescue Services, Ben, Gareth, Iain, Dan and Hayley




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