~*Hiring Information*~

The Savoy Theatre currently has two hire rates, depending on requirements. What is included with these hire rates is detailed below.


RATE - 1

Conferences, meetings, seminars, and general non-performance based events

To include:
Basic, static conference lighting, standard mics*, 2x staff (1x FOH non-tech, 1x tech), dressing rooms, tables and chairs (as required)
*radio microphones are available free of charge, but batteries must be supplied by the hirer

This does not include:
The use of projection*, props, scenery, or other technical facilities other than those listed.
*projection and extra facilities are available, but must be booked in advance for set-up time, and a charge will be made for these extras

Multimedia LCD Projector - POA
Extra in-house technical staff - POA           
Refreshments - POA
Fit up time is to be included in your allocated time.

Please note: This rate is NOT AVAILABLE for events with a paying or ticketted audience.



RATE - 2

Full show, production, event

To include:
Lighting, sound, dressing rooms, 2x technical/duty staff, stock scenery and effects as normally available (providing adequate fit-up time has been allocated prior to your rehearsal/performance), ticket printing and sales from our Box Office (£0.50 per ticket commission).

This does not include:
Extra casual staff/stage crew, followspots and followspot operators, programme sellers, intelligent lighting,

Please note: We offer this rate on a half day, full day, or weekly basis, and is based on 1x performance per day/half day*
*additional performances in any one day/half day will incur an extra charge per performance                

This rate applies to any event where the audience are paying for entry, or being issued with tickets that have monetary value.



If you wish to stage a production for a registered charity at The Savoy Theatre, please contact a member of the team using the contact details provided, and we will be happy to discuss this with you.



Extra Charges

  • Followspots (POA)
  • Video recording (first camera position – no charge. Additional camera positions - POA)
  • Radio microphone batteries (POA - if previously arranged, and if stocks are available)
  • Intelligent lighting (POA - dependent on requirements)
  • Multimedia projector (POA)
  • Additional in-house technical staff (POA)
  • Effects consumables, ie: smoke fluid etc (POA – dependent on requirements)
  • Refreshments (POA dependent on requirements)
  • Photocopying (POA)


We do not offer hires based on splits or percentages of ticket sales.
We work on straight hires, as this is easier for all parties.



Payment for your engagement can be made in full, or using the method below:

On receipt of a deposit and return of the theatre's contract, your booking will be secure, your tickets will be printed and will go on sale from the date you specify.
The balance of your hire fee will be taken from your ticket sales, and the remaining amount returned to you within 28 days of the final performance.
Should your ticket sales not cover your hire fee 7 days prior to your engagement, the remaining balance would be required before your show get-in.


TICKETS (see Hire Rate – 2, full show, production, event)
Ticket printing, and ticket sales from our Box Office are included in the price of your hire. The Theatre charges a sales commission of £0.50 per ticket. It is up to The Company whether this is added to their ticket price (ie. An £8.00 ticket becomes £8.50), or the cost met by The Company.

Companies CANNOT print or produce their own tickets unless discussed
with the theatre beforehand.

ALL ticket sales must pass through The Theatre’s Box Office unless discussed.
If The Company wishes to distribute tickets, these tickets must be
purchased from the Box Office.
Blocks of tickets will be reserved, and a seating plan given to The Company.
The Company can then take orders for tickets based on the block of seats they have reserved.
The Company then return these orders to The Theatre’s Box Office, along with any ticket revenue, to collect the tickets required.
When taking orders for tickets, The Company MUST make note of
the price of the tickets ordered.

These conditions enable The Theatre to generate an accurate reconciliation sheet of your ticket sales at the end of your engagement.

The Theatre does not provide an online booking service at present
. If The Company wishes to sell tickets online, this must be discussed with The Theatre,
and organised/operated by The Company themselves.


Our Box Office opening times are as follows:
Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays between 11.00am and 5.30pm
(or until curtain up on a performance night).

For performance days that fall on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Sunday, our Box Office will be open for two hours prior to the start of the performance.

The Theatre and Box Office are closed to the public:
Bank Holidays, the first two weeks in January, Easter weekend,
the month of August.

Please bear these closures in mind when booking your performance with us.


We advise a visit to the theatre before bookings are placed to see the venue and to discuss your requirements in more detail.

For any questions or to book a viewing appointment, please contact us using the details below:

Tel: 01443 670250
11.00am to 5.30pm
Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays
Email: bookings@savoytheatre.net

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