~*Hayley Taylor*~
Contact: hayley@savoytheatre.net


Job Title:

Owner/Director/Technical Director

Hays, Hayles

It's rude to ask a lady her age!

Keeping Dan in check! Keeper of the money (what there is of it so Dan can’t spend it!), accounting, theatre administration and paperwork, lighting design and operation, followspot, assistant stage managing, stage crew, front of house, box office, maintenance, housekeeping, choreography for The Savoy Players, set design and painting, feeding the cat, painting and decorating, hot drinks provider, cake maker, graphic design, everything to do with the day to day running of the theatre, everything technical!

Significant Others:
Dan, Minnie Moglet, my family, The Savoy Theatre, my iPhone, my iPad, my pyjamas, the electric blanket, cake, chocolate, ice cream, tea, and my ice skates!

Theatre, ice skating, photography, DIY, painting, puzzles, walking (when it’s not raining!), graphic design, drawing, card making, tea drinking, keeping warm!

Favourite Food:
Chinese, Indian, pizza, pasta, bacon and egg baguettes, chocolate, ice cream, CAKE!

Favourite Sayings:
"In a little while."
I need to charge my phone"
"Ice cream!"
"Do we really need that?"
"I hate sanding."
"We've got no storage!"
"We can't have/keep that, we've got nowhere to put it!"

"I'm cold."
"Ooh look at that!"

Favourite TV Programme, Film, and DVD:

Dancing on Ice, Heartland, Broadchurch, Home Fires, The Great British Bake Off, Vera, Shaun the Sheep, The Darling Buds of May, One Foot in the Grave, Documentaries, Pingu (yes really!), Harry Potter, Wallace and Gromit, Ice Age, Shrek, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Chronicles of Narnia, pretty much any Disney Pixar film, and also any Dreamworks film! I also love musicals, such as The Sound of Music, and Singin' in the Rain etc.

Favourite Music:
Anything that has a good tune and sticks in your head, but not rap!

Things I Hate:
The ‘C’ word, smoking, litter dropping, being nagged, feet, disrespect, mornings, being cold (being at the ice rink is an exception however), too long without cake and a CUPPA TEA, Dan in a strop, sanding down walls and ceilings, shouting and aggression, people who won't admit when they're in the wrong, cruelty to animals, clearing up other people’s mess from our steps (!), electricity bills, noisy, over-confident people who push the not so confident, quiet people aside to get what they want!

Best Moment When Building the Theatre:

When all the areas became tidy and clutter free! I loved it when we ran the lighting for the first time, but also when the stage and proscenium arch were built. Things really began to take shape then! Oh, and the test performances we ran in April 2015. It was the first time we ran a show as such, and the atmosphere was amazing.

Worst Moment When Building the Theatre:
Probably when we were getting the planning and licensing sorted out. That was a bit of a headache!

My Heroes:

My family (Taylors and Robertsons), Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean (they inspired me to learn to ice skate), my friends (in Essex and here), the people who have given me a chance, Julie Andrews, Dan for making me laugh and for putting up with me!




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