~*Daniel Robertson*~
Contact: dan@savoytheatre.net


Job Title:

Owner/Director/Technical Director

Mr Happy, His Lordship, Miserable Old Git! (And other names too vulgar to mention here!)

Mentally about ten!

Design it, build it or repair it, and use it! Technical everything, everything technical! Everything to do with the day to day running of the theatre. Chief problem solver.

Significant Others:
The lovely Hayley (of course!), Minnie Moglet, The Savoy Theatre, oh, and my workshop!

Theatre, electronics, engineering, DIY, classic Minis, making people laugh, moaning, making people happy, eBaying, carpentry, prop-making, designing and building anything that presents a challenge!

Favourite Food:
Chinese, Indian, bacon sarnies, barbecues, crispy onions, and Hayley's marvellous homemade cakes! Most of all, one of my Mum and Dad's roast dinners!

Favourite Sayings:
"Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow…. Or the next day… Or maybe next week…. Or when I get a chance to do it!"
"If it can be made in the first place, it can be repaired or restored."
"Where is it? It was there a minute ago! I’m not going mad!"
The last sayings aren't printable here!

Favourite TV Programme, Film, and DVD:

Mock the Week, Q.I, BBC Proms, How It’s Made, Foyle’s War, Steptoe and Son, The Munsters, Top Cat, Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy, George Formby, all musicals, old black and white films, and many others!

Favourite Music:
Mezzoforte, Judie Tzuke, Renaissance, Genesis, Yes, Led Zeppelin, James Taylor, Ben Folds, Martin Taylor, Dimension, Picture House, Rumer, The Carpenters, all types of jazz, most classical pieces (my favourite being Rimsky Korsakov’s Scheherazade).
Everything really, but not rap or the sort of noise they produce these days!

Things I Hate:
Violence, disrespect to others, smoking, litter dropping, people who drive with their fog lights on when it’s not foggy, greed, people who use their mobile phone whilst driving, having to do things twice (work etc), and anything that isn’t common sense, the wasteful and throwaway society of today, the outrageously high VAT rate, red tape and pointless legislation.

Best Moment When Building the Theatre:

I think getting the sound and lighting systems running for the first time, and also seeing the foyer finished was great too.

Worst Moment When Building the Theatre:
All the paperwork!

My Heroes:

My family and Hayley’s family, Peter Knight (ex stage manager of The Cliffs in Southend, who taught me a lot), my friend Phil Landau, who taught me so much about electronics, all my great friends back in Essex (especially Bryan and Jill Woods) and the new friends I’ve made here, everyone who has trusted me, helped me, and given me a chance.
Without these people, I would not be where I am today!




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