~*The Bryan Woods Performing Arts Trust*~


A Legacy of 40 Years in Technical, Backstage Theatre Work

As many of you know we intended to form the Bryan Woods Performing Arts Trust to work alongside the Savoy Theatre. The Trust was to promote and encourage the performing arts, in Tonyrefail and the community. This will still be our ultimate aim, to form a Charity that can fund the performing arts both onstage and backstage.

Due to pressure of work in the theatre, restrictions and red tape in forming a Trust, we have been meeting alongside Dan, and Hayley as more of a Committee. This is more informal but, with the same aims and enthusiasm.

What we do not want to do is lose the name of Bryan Woods and his memory, we owe him a lot in techie stuff and inspiration. In the future, when the theatre is up and running, we will probably become a Charity in his name and then a separate group from the theatre, so that we can continue fundraising and thereby fund the local performing arts groups in the area.

A short explanation of the connection between Bryan and the Savoy

"Bryan's connection with Danny Robertson and his family at The Empire Theatre, Southend-on-Sea, sharing technical knowledge, equipment and a great friendship, was a real joy to him and to know that his legacy lives on at the Savoy Theatre is more than he and I could ever have wished for."

This is part of a letter written to Dan Robertson by Jill Woods, the wife of Bryan Woods.

(left: Dan, Jill, Hayley, and Bryan)

Bryan was an expert in sound and lighting, and a very close friend of Dan's. He sadly lost his fight with cancer a few years ago. A lot of the equipment that is built into the Savoy was his, and was left to Dan, Hayley and the Savoy by Bryan and Jill.

Bryan was a calm, professional man who had worked backstage for nearly 40 years and he was much in demand in the local drama community. He was Sound Engineer for a Talking Newspaper for the Blind and a key member of any production team performing stage plays written by Jill.

~*Contacting The Bryan Woods Performing Arts Trust*~

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